The Perfect Year

The Perfect Year

The Dress

“Melissa, you have to come to the ball with me, what else are you going to do all night? It’s the perfect opportunity to meet some people and make some friends - you do realise you have no friends here yet, right? And before you say it, I don’t count. I am your roommate.” She was right, but a big socially awkward ball was last on my list. Not to mention it was New Year’s Eve, which meant everyone would be bleary eyed and loved up by midnight, leaving me bored and alone. But there was no sign of her relenting anytime soon. “You’re new here, you need to get out more instead of hiding behind that computer all the time. Show off those looks for once instead of that smart arse brain of yours.”
“Okay, I’ll come to the ball.” I agreed, reluctantly. I could already feel butterflies in my stomach. My ‘smart arse brain’ was my safety zone. Fancy parties hosted by fabulously rich people were way out of my league.
“You won’t regret it.” Amelia squealed excitedly as she jumped up off the sofa to go and get ready. “Cinderella shall go to the ball.” She shouted as she skipped upstairs.
“I bet I don’t meet my Prince Charming.” I muttered under my breath whilst cursing myself for giving in too easily.
“I don’t know what you just muttered Melissa Jayne Hardy but get your bum up here and I’ll work my fairy godmother charms.” By the time I’d reached her room she’d already pre-selected a handful of gowns she deemed suitable for me and was stood behind the dressing table chair waiting for me to take a seat.
“Right, first we need to choose which dress so that we know how we’re going to do your hair and makeup.”
“I don’t think it ma…” She didn’t let me finish.
“It matters! What about this sexy red sequin and lace one?” It was like another language to me, sequins? lace? How did she know so much? All I knew was that dress would most definitely draw attention I didn’t want.
Sexy, sultry Melissa.”
Sexy, sultry’ scared the hell out of me. “I think I’ll give the red one a miss.”
“Okay, what about this one? Cobalt Blue, it will bring out your eyes and just look at the gorgeous ruche detailing, don’t tell me you don’t love it?” I didn’t love it, far from it. It was very much the statement I didn’t want to make. Amelia rolled her eyes but I could tell she was enjoying herself, I was like her real life dress up doll. On paper we were the most unlikely friends, from two very different backgrounds with very different interests and had we not been thrown together in a house share, we probably wouldn’t be, but she had a good heart and for some reason it worked. Despite my contesting, she was good for me. She was right, I needed to get out more.
“Hello, earth to Melissa,” she was stood there shaking the most amazing dress I’d ever seen. “You must like this one.” To my surprise, I did. It was stunning. The definition of elegance, opulence, decadence and any other word that ended in ‘nce.’
“It’s vintage. My grandmother had it made for the first ball she hosted after her marriage to my grandfather.” I was mesmerised, it looked fit for a princess not someone like me. It was gold from top to bottom, the detail was incredible. A ‘perfect sweetheart neckline with a fishtail design to emphasise my assets,’ according to Amelia. The amount of hours and love that must have gone into making it almost overwhelmed me.
“It’s perfect Amelia, but I can’t possibly wear it.” There’s no way I could give the dress the justice it deserved it was far too exquisite.
“You’re wearing it. No Arguments. Now, let’s get your makeup done, I still have myself to get ready.”
She made it all look so easy. Eyeshadow first, then eyeliner followed by mascara. Apparently I should always do my eyes first to prevent coloured speckles falling onto to my foundation. I really was learning something new every day living with Amelia. Then she applied something creamy under my eyes to ‘counteract my dark circles.’ Followed by foundation, something I did own myself but very rarely used. Finally she used powder to brush over my entire face to ‘set my makeup’ followed by yet more powder, but this time with a bronze finish applied to my cheekbones to ‘emphasise my enviable bone structure.’ Finished off with a nude lipstick and polished with a gloss. Oh and not forgetting the brush over of my eyebrows, this girl was insane. Never in my life had I ‘brushed my eyebrows.’
“Ta daaa. I’m just going to put these rollers in your hair then you can make yourself useful and pour us some drinks while I get ready.”
“That’s one thing I can do, Gin and Tonic?”
“Yes please, and make them large.”
By the time I had returned Amelia was just slipping into her dress, she looked beautiful. Her honey blonde hair was braided and pinned to the side and she wore a striking red lipstick which perfectly contrasted with her long, silky black dress. How was she so effortlessly wonderful?
“You look lovely Amelia.”
“Oh this old thing,” she joked. “Come on, let’s finish your hair and get you into that gown.”

I couldn’t believe my eyes as I stood in front of the full length mirror, Amelia had completely transformed me. I felt like a million dollars, she was so generous letting me wear something so special. Yet again I was feeling overwhelmed by a dress, what is wrong with me?
“You look pretty as a picture.” Amelia beamed, seemingly happy with her work.
“Amelia, I can’t thank you enough. There are no words, the dress, the dress is…breathtaking.” I couldn’t believe it was me standing there. My usually dull brown hair shined perfectly as it flowed over my bare décolletage, my makeup was flawless and I was wearing the most gorgeous dress I had ever seen. I was awestruck.
“Oh by the way, I’ve booked a limousine to take us there. It’ll be here any minute so stop checking yourself out and get those shoes on that I’ve picked out. Fortunately for you, they’re not vintage.” Amelia joked.
“A limousine?” She never failed to surprise me.
“Yes, a limousine. Did you think we were going to get the tube dressed like this?”
Suddenly the nerves reappeared. It was one thing being in the comfort and security of my own home dressed like this but to face the outside world, that was a whole different ball game.

The Journey

“The car is here,” Amelia shouted from downstairs. I hadn’t even noticed that she’d left the room. Oh god, what had I gotten myself into. All previous excitement was gone, replaced with sheer panic and trepidation.
“Come on, Melissa.”
“I’m coming,” I shouted, but my legs felt like lead as I tried to manoeuvre my way down the stairs without falling flat on my face and ruining the dress. “Just breathe,” I said to myself.
“You took your time,” Amelia said to me as I got in the car. “Look what I found.” She grinned, as she popped open a bottle of Veuve Cliquot then handed me an overflowing glass. I quickly put my lips around it and sucked up the bubbles before any had chance to reach my dress.
“I’m not used to these heels, I nearly broke my neck walking down the stairs.”
“You do like to exaggerate, Melissa. Beauty is worth suffering for and you do look beautiful.”
“Thank you,” I replied, while secretly still cursing her for the cocktail of emotions I was experiencing right now.
The drive there was pure torture, by the time we had arrived my palms were sweaty, I felt sick, my heart was racing and I was noticeably shaking. I thought the Champagne might help but instead it just gave me hiccups to add to my increasing levels of anxiety.
“You’ll be fine, Melissa. Trust me, I’ve been to plenty of these things. They’re not as scary as you think. Besides, you’ll be the belle of the ball looking like that.”

The Arrival

Every step we took further into the building left me more and more amazed. The entrance was lined with a red carpet that led to the most incredible ornate staircase I had ever seen. My eyes didn’t know where to look, there was so much to take in, statues with every inch of them detailed, paintings as large as my bedroom wall, chandeliers that I couldn’t even begin to put a value on, beautifully hand-painted ceilings, a table made from solid gold, it was so full of history and culture. Did someone really live here? As we got closer to the ballroom my ears were filled with music, laughter, chatter, glasses clinking and heels tapping on the hard floor as people danced. When we reached the ballroom entrance I had to pinch myself to make sure I hadn’t dreamt it all. There were no words to describe the beauty that the room held. It looked like a Venetian palace. Filled to the brim with exceptional art and elegance yet reassuringly intimate. It was simply radiant, like something out of a fairytale. Everywhere I looked there were women far more beautiful than me laced in diamonds and pearls, while the men all looked handsome and powerful in their perfectly tailored suits. The impeccable music I had heard walking in was being played by a string quintet, it was all so surreal. I’d never seen anything like it before in my entire life. The atmosphere was enchanting.
“Come on, let's get some more Champagne,” Amelia said, whilst already grabbing my arm and pulling me towards the bar.”
“Yes, I think I need it.”
“Stop being so dramatic, relax and enjoy yourself. I mean, have you seen all these hot, rich men? What’s not to like?”
Hot, rich men who would want nothing to do with me, I thought to myself.
“Nothing,” I mumbled in agreement. I did need to pull myself together. I must seem ungrateful after she went to so much effort for me. “Just breathe,” I whispered to myself once again. After we’d gotten our drinks Amelia introduced me to what seemed like the entire party, and out of those people pretty much every one that was male had hit on her, she oozed sex appeal and flirting came so naturally to her. She really was a social butterfly. Why couldn’t I be just a little bit more like her? Admittedly, a handful of them had also complimented me, but I’m sure they were just being polite. Unfortunately it didn’t stop me going beetroot red. By the time we’d spoken to all those people we must have accepted at least six glasses of Champagne and I was almost having a good time, what with all the compliments and wearing this dress I really did feel like Cinderella at the ball. Although the room was beginning to spin, maybe I was having a little too much fun, I wasn’t used to drinking Champagne.

The Gardens

Just in that moment, an extremely well groomed man came over and asked Amelia if she’d like to dance.
“Do you mind?” She asked, whilst giving me the ‘oh my god he’s so good looking please don’t say you mind’ eyes.
“Of course not,” I replied. To be honest, I was happy for the distraction. The Champagne was definitely going to my head so I decided to find my way to the gardens for some fresh air. The gardens were just as breathtaking as the ballroom. As I walked through some black, wrought iron gates I was greeted with a pathway lined with trees taller than my house. In the centre was a beautiful stone-built water fountain, the water was crystal clear and glimmered in the light of the full moon. I made my way over to it, there was a thin layer of frost covering the stone making it twinkle, as if sprinkled with little tiny diamonds. The sound of the water was calming. I closed my eyes, soaking in the smell of the cold, fresh wintry air and listening to the crowds inside.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” A deep voice said from behind me, scaring me half to death. I turned to see a very tall, well dressed and incredibly handsome man staring back at me. Even out here in the dark there was no hiding the charm and beauty that he clearly possessed, nor the slight amusement in his eyes from making me jump.
“I’m Jim, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” He said, in a strong and confident manner.
“M…Melissa,” I stuttered, as my heart skipped a beat. I was captivated by his beauty.
“You look ravishing this evening, Melissa.”
Who was this Prince Charming and why was he out here with me? All I could do was stare at him. No words left my mouth.
“It can be a little full on, can’t it?”
Talk! Say something back, I thought to myself.
“Yes, I was just getting some air. I guess I’m not used to so much indulgence.” Relief swept over me as I managed to string a full sentence together. He was smiling at me now.
“It’s good to indulge in the things we like from time to time. You’ll catch a cold out here, let me walk you back to the main house.”
His presence was so alluring and dominating that I walked back with him without question. We walked in silence until we reached the entrance of the ballroom, I was completely enraptured by him, I’d never been so instantly attracted to someone.
“Would you care to dance with me?” he asked, with one arm behind his back, the other held out for me.
A simple ‘yes’ was all I could manage before he gallantly took my hand and led me onto the dance floor.

The Dance

My heart was beating through my chest and I had butterflies in my stomach. He placed one hand on my waist and the other in mine, pulling me close so that our bodies touched. I placed my free hand on his shoulder. He was so broad and strong, he felt powerful. My cheeks began to blush at the intensity. I could feel all eyes on me as I concentrated on not making a fool of myself. Why was everyone watching? He proceeded to twirl me around the floor and throw me as if I weighed nothing. I knew that everyone was staring, but I was caught up in the moment. The dancing, the music, the dress and of course, the Champagne were all casting their spell on me. The sexual chemistry was undeniable. What I wouldn’t give to feel his body pushed naked onto mine. Just as I began to get carried away with my thoughts the music came to a gradual halt. He spun me one last time then took a step back and bowed. Where had he learnt such chivalry?
“Thank you for the dance, Melissa. Can I get you a drink?”
My heart was racing, I was sure he would leave me as soon as the dance was over but here he was offering to get me a drink.
“I’d love a Gin and Tonic please, something a little more refreshing,” I replied, calmer than I ever thought I could manage. Then he led me to edge of the dance floor and disappeared into the crowd towards the bar.

The Reveal

“Oh my god, Melissa!” Amelia cried, whilst practically running towards me.
“What’s happened?” I asked, expecting to hear a story about her and some guy passionately making out.
“Do you know who you have just danced with? Please tell me you know who it was!”
“He said his name was, Jim. Why?”
“Yes! Jim as in short for James, Jim. As in James Lucas. The James Lucas of LucasCorp! You know, the company you and I both work for! This is his party, you’re drinking his champagne in his house!” Amelia was practically jumping up and down with excitement. I, on the other hand was completely mortified.
“Please tell me this is your idea of a joke?”
“I told you that you looked incredible. Way to go, Melissa. He is hot! Not to mention he’s stinking rich!” I couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing, I’d worked my bum off to get this job, the last thing I needed was to mess it all up for one night of madness.
“He’s coming back!” Amelia squealed, nodding her head in his direction. “I’ll leave you two lovebirds to it.”
“Don’t leave me Amel…” It was too late, she’d already left. “Thanks,” I muttered under my breath.
“You’re welcome,” Jim said, then handed me a Gin and Tonic with a slice of cucumber poking out the top of the glass.
“No, I was talking to…oh it doesn’t matter. Thank you for the drink.”
Jim looked a little confused, or should I say, James. I was starting to feel annoyed. Was I being irrational for feeling pissed off? Why hadn’t I recognised him? I still don’t recognise him now, I would have remembered that face!
“Why didn’t you tell me who you are?” I snapped, not hiding my annoyance very well.
“What do you mean, Melissa?”
“Oh, only the small detail of this being your party, at your house and that you’re the owner of LucasCorp, the company I happen to work for.” Now my annoyance was abundantly clear.
“I apologise, Melissa. I didn’t realise I had to give you my entire background before you’d accept a dance with me.” Oh God, he was right. I was being completely irrational, now I felt like a total idiot.
“Perhaps you’ll allow me to show you the rest of the house, if you’re so interested in me?”
The mood had suddenly shifted. His eyes were burning into me. The intensity I’d felt on the dance floor was back and my heart was in my throat. I knew the question was an invitation for more than just a tour of his house. My better judgement was telling me to decline his offer and walk away, but every ounce of my body wanted him.
“I’d like that.” I agreed. My voice barely a whisper as his magnetism took hold once more.

The Bedroom

We walked with urgency through the crowd and out of the ballroom. Not once did he let go of my hand. We went up the beautiful ornate staircase and down a long, art-filled corridor, I felt like I was in an old romantic film. Blood surged through my body with excitement. As soon as we reached the privacy of his bedroom he pushed me against the door as he closed it with the force of his body, then kissed me hard on the lips. All rhyme and reason had abandoned me, betrayed me. Just one kiss had set my body on fire and I knew in that moment I would be his.

His breath was hot against my temple. “As much as I love you in that dress, I want to see you naked on my bed.”
Unbelievably, I did what he said, all inhibitions long gone and replaced with a shivery excitement. As I began to unfasten the corset of the dress I was thankful that even I had had the sense to wear my best lingerie. Not that I ever thought anyone would see it, but here we were. Ivory chantilly lace with elegant bold lines emphasised the curves of my boobs perfectly, it was even stitched with real gold thread which the sales woman swore complemented my tone and illuminated my skin, even though to me you could hardly see it. I hoped she was right. One by one I slowly removed each item of clothing, leaving only my heels, then made my way over to the bed.
“I want to satisfy you, Melissa. I want to show you more pleasure than you’ve ever known.”
He had so much power and confidence and he spoke with such conviction, I had no doubt that he would make good on his words.
“If at any point you want me stop, say the word ‘River’. It’s important that you remember this.”
I nodded my head in understanding, unable to find the words to speak. All I wanted was to feel his touch. The anticipation was unbearable.
“I’m going to restrain you now,” he said, as he tied two delicately woven red silk cuffs around my wrists then attached them to the bed above my head. The silk cuffs looked and felt exquisite on my naked skin, the sensation sent a shiver through my body and I felt my nipples harden. Each cuff had a stunning jacquard pattern on one side and soft suede on the other. He moved further down the bed, pulling my legs straight and slightly apart before he clasped each ankle in silk cuffs that matched my wrist restraints. The feel of the silk cuffs on my skin caught my breath and my stomach clenched in anticipation. My heart was beating so fast I was sure he could hear it.
“I’m going to blindfold you now, it will intensify every touch and heighten every sense.” I watched as he reached into his bedside drawer and pulled out the most beautiful red silk blindfold in the world. It was detailed with the same exquisite jacquard pattern as the restraints and made from the same luxurious materials. I marvelled at the intensity of his concentration as he placed the blindfold over my eyes and secured the silk ties behind my head, plunging me into complete darkness.
“You have to trust me. Remember to use your safe word if you want me to stop.”
Suddenly he was pushing his mouth hard onto mine. I explored his wet lips, sucking and teasing, before his tongue slid urgently into my mouth, I could feel how much he wanted me. His kisses became tender as he moved his lips down my neck, onto my breasts then clamped them onto my nipples, one by one he took them in his mouth, teasing them with his teeth. I could feel myself dampening between my legs, I was aroused beyond anything I’d ever experienced.

Music and the soft scent of Snow Pear and Cedarwood suddenly drifted around us captivating my senses and the sound was soulful and oh so soothing.
Something brushed lightly against my skin—feathers. The hairs on my body stood instantly on end. My goodness, it tickled. I squirmed as the tickling continued, tormenting me with the soft, feathery sensations. He ran the feathers across each breast, as he circled each nipple they hardened some more and my clit began to throb. My back arched off the bed at the sensation, then I gasped as the feather-light strokes brushed my most intimate area making me moan and squirm against the restraints.
“You are so beautiful, Melissa.” He murmured. “Keep still, I have another surprise for you.” I wasn’t sure I could handle any more, I’d never felt so adored or more turned on in all my life. One more touch and I would unravel, I was sure of it. There was another heavenly sensation, soft suede tassels that trailed my sensitive skin, it felt utterly divine, then slap! I gasped, The first thwack was nothing more than a quick tap against my skin – sensation more than pain and I loved it. After a few minutes he began a slow rhythm, trailing the whip over my body then, thwack! Gradually building force, it felt good. The harder he smacked the wetter I became, then I began to shudder and shake, I couldn't control it any longer, I groaned out loud and released into an earth shattering orgasm. Almost immediately he plunged two lubricated fingers into me hitting my G-spot whilst massaging my clitoris with his thumb and the waves of an orgasm built and crashed over me once more, my body quaking and trembling. Before I could recover, my body still trembling, I felt a powerful vibration. The most intense power I had ever felt down there.
“This is a wand vibrator,” James said. As he pressed it harder against my clitoris the vibrations became even stronger. I was so sensitive, so aroused that I immediately hurtled into yet another sensational orgasm. I cried out and writhed against the restraints as a third climax tore through me, sending my insides into a pulsating frenzy. I was exhausted in the most perfect way. Was I dreaming? I felt hazy, light headed, my body had never experienced pleasure so extraordinary, how was I ever going to enjoy sex again if it wasn’t like this?

“Next time you come, I want to be inside you,” he whispered. All I could do was moan in response, there was no way I could orgasm again, not four times. He unclipped my ankle cuffs and I felt him move up the bed.
“I’m going to take you now,” he said, his voice heavy with need as he pushed my blindfold over the top of my head. I watched as he tore open the foil wrapper of a condom and slid it down his impressive length. He positioned himself over me, his naked body hard and muscular against mine. He braced his arms either side of my head and his eyes burned into mine before thrusting hard into me, filling me up in one smooth movement. I don't know if it was the smooth sensation of the lube or the satisfying fullness but I could feel the tension build in my body.
“Oh God,” I cried out, as I tilted my hips up to meet his thrusts.
“So tight and wet,” he groaned, before he withdrew and plunged into me and filled me once more. He was kissing my neck, my breasts and my face with such urgency as he grabbed my hair and twisted it in his fist.
“Come for me, Melissa,” he murmured against my lips as he drove his cock hard into me again, and just as I was about to protest, he grinded his pelvis into mine and circled his hips to provide the perfect friction. My sensitised clit couldn’t take anymore and I climaxed loudly and forcefully, crying out as my body went rigid and tremors of pure pleasure washed through me again. Then after three slow, hard thrusts I could feel his pulsing release. Just in time to hear the bells of the stables clock tower ring in the New Year. James freed me of my wrist restraints, then placed my head on his chest. Too exhausted to even speak, I drifted into a haze and at some point must have fallen asleep.

I woke up on New Year’s day, the events of the night before slowly unravelling in my head. It had been the best night of my life. The dress, the dancing, the Champagne and of course, the amazing sex. I rolled over to see if he was awake, just as I did he opened one eye and grinned at me.
“Good morning, Melissa.”
“Good morning, James.”
“Would you like to stay for breakfast?”
I really did want to stay, but Amelia would be worried and I’d agreed to go for brunch with her and her family.
“I’d love to stay, but unfortunately I have plans.”
“Okay, another time maybe?” I could see the disappointment in his face and my heart skipped a beat. He wanted to see me again!
“Another time, definitely.” I didn’t want to get out of bed but time was ticking by and I needed to get dressed and back home.

The Morning After

“I’ll walk you to the entrance. My driver will take you home.” I smiled to myself, arriving in a limousine and being chauffeur driven home. I could get used to this.
“That’s very kind of you, thank you.”
We walked along the art-filled corridor and this time down a different staircase taking a shortcut through the ballroom. The ballroom had already been cleaned and looked even more radiant in the day. The light poured through the large glass windows illuminating every beautiful detail. I took one last twirl on the dance floor then I looked at James as I thought to myself, ‘If you’re with me, this year will be the perfect year.’

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